upcoming brews:

Every Friday is "new brew" Friday, with the release of a new in-house beer every week. Keep checking back for an updated schedule.

3/27 - Fermentation 451 (Imperial Red)

   plus 5-gallon Friday with Atomic Fireballs in the keg​, "The Pleasure to Burn"

​4/3 - Dracula's Dessert (Apple-Cherry Cream Ale)

   plus the return of Dracula's Dinner (Cherry Cream Ale)

4/10 - The Mudville Nine (1/2 Raspberry Ale, 1/2 Coconut Ale)

  plus the return of Jason at the Bat (Raspberry Ale)

  plus the return of Casey's Boxscore (Coconut Ale)

​4/17 - Beer is the Mind Killer (Black Rye) Trivia-Winner Named

​  plus 5-gallon Friday TBD 

current BREWS

​beer lineup changes frequently

call for current list: 317-288-5136

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The Books & Brews Mug Club is one of a kind!
For $65 you receive:

 -A lifetime membership

 -$3 mug fills every Thursday


 -A 22-oz Ceramic Mug (made locally by
   professional potter Josh Heim)

  -20-oz pours of beer for the price of a16-oz*

  -$2 off b&b growler fills*

  -10% off b&b merchandise

  -Discounted admission to all b&b special events

*excludes beers with ABV over 8% and some seasonal brews

Ask at the register or bar to sign up! E-mail jason@booksnbrews.com for more information.